How Our Puzzles Work

Each magazine or issue comes with complete instructions at the beginning of the book, and solutions for every puzzle at the back. Puzzles come in all skill levels, providing just the right amount of challenge for each puzzle-solver, from newcomers to seasoned solvers.

Crossword puzzles consist of a numbered grid into which the answers from a corresponding clue list are entered, either horizontally or vertically. See sample.

Fill-In puzzles look like crossword puzzles with a delightful difference: Each puzzle comes with a list of all the words needed to fill in the diagram. No need to decipher clues! The puzzle solver’s objective is to figure out where each word fits across and down in the puzzle. See sample.

Sudoku puzzles include a grid made up of 81 squares. The puzzle solver’s objective is to fill all the squares with numbers so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3 x 3 blocks contain all of the digits, from 1 to 9, once and only once. Variations of the basic grid may appear in several of the magazines for an added challenge. See sample.

Variety magazines contain a collection of popular puzzle categories, and various puzzle types designed to offer something for every solver.

Word Seek/Search puzzles come with a word list and a diagram of letters. The words in the list are hidden within the diagram of letters. Puzzle solvers search for the hidden words by reading forward, backward, up, down, and diagonally. See sample.