Group Benefits

Puzzles help your clients and customers have fun, relax, and enjoy their lives

The puzzle magazines and books on this site have been specially selected for the convenience of bulk puzzle-buyers like you. These selected publications have proven to be the most popular with and best suited for the healthcare industry, correctional facilities, civic groups, military branches, charity organizations, promotional companies, hospital gift shops, and small retailers.

Solving puzzles help people relax as they fill empty time during the day and wind down at bedtime. It helps them feel refreshed, entertained and engaged in a worthwhile and productive activity. They build self-esteem as they keep their brains limber, enhance their problem-solving skills and stretch their vocabulary. With each correct answer, they experience the pleasure of success.

Many people look forward to solving at least one puzzle a day. It gives them something positive to look forward to and helps them feel good about themselves for making the effort to enrich their lives and improve their minds.